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Vision & Mission

LIS Illustration‘s vision is to build an inspiring value platform of creative fashionable illustration for corporates to brand owners, licensee and art communities in the market. Our team strived to create a creative and impactful fashionable content environment for potential clients and audiences that resonate with different personalities and humanities.

Geared towards the fascinating market in the future, LIS Illustration mission is highly active in combining its fashionable and creative essence with the youth market, educational platform and interactive media for unique user experience via fashion events collaborations and workshops to achieve our vision.

Our goal is to communicate our fashion talents through commitment of quality artistic work for the cause of creating impactful fashion aesthetic environment and we work on few basic principles;

01 /
Fashion is all about entering a dream and inspiring world
02 /
Our aspirations are to feel good about what we do and that our work has purpose and make people smile .
03 /
Fashion needs to get fit and fabulous
04 /
Maximising feminine allure
05 /
Daring to flaunt the feet
06 /
Create New Fashion and make ourselves indispensable
07 /
Fashion Collaborations is where unexpected genius comes from